The great falls

Iguazu FallsMaking our way over a few weeks slowly towards Iguazu, the expectation slowly building, we weren´t dissapointed. Rain for the few previous days meant that the river was exceptionally high, and the falls were in their fiercest glory. Also the rain had cleared the skies, leaving them a beautiful blue horizon to horizon, and an atypical mild temperature.

Iguazu falls are located on the border between Brasil and Argentina, and are fed by the Iguazu River. There are about 270 different falls, the majority of which are on Argentinian territory.

As a result of the recent high waterfall, the river was running a rich chocolate colour, and many of the viewing stations were under water.

The star falls, Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) could not be seen at all from the viewing stations, so we ended up taking a river cruise that visited the cruise from below, and edged their bows into the falls, drenching everyone completely.

Crazy Naked Irish Guy at Iguazu FallsSome intrepid tourists took the opportunity to edge their way along some of closed-off walkways, fighting against the force of the falls ending up wet to the bone.