Venerdi 29 Ottobre

On my last day on the island, I look back in satisfaction at all of the meals I have eaten – mostly cooked by myself and eaten in my house.

The Italian rhythm in which I took these meals was equally satisfying.

Breakfast: typically something small and sweet taken with a caffè.

Antipasti – tomatoes/prosciutto/olives/anchovies/mozzarella
Primo Piatto – some pasta
Secondo Piatto – meat or seafood
Usually served with beer or wine and followed by another caffè.

Siesta: the missing ingredient in our fast lives.

A small meal of antipasti, pasta or bruschette.

Not mentioned in my other posts, but appreciated just as much were my dinners with my amico from the island, Simone. He shared some of his friends and their hospitality, where over pizza I poorly contributed to conversations about Italian politics, the economy, corruption and fun parks.

On the last night, Simone’s mother cooked us a seafood dinner that put my simple sole lunch to shame. Doubtless she had less trouble acquiring her fish – they even told stories that the cemetery was the ideal place to ask, fellow grievers, if they had any fish!