Chilean Good Will

Marcello and MurrayWe got our first taste of Chilean hospitality through a wonderful family we met in Valparaiso.

Visiting a popular lookout in the hills, a gentleman outside some of the houses there starting talking to us. Within a few minutes he had invited us inside their house, a grand two story house dating back almost a hundred years which currently houses 4 generations of their family.

We had soon met all of the family, which included of note Pedro (the gentleman that invited us inside) and his wife Lucy, Lucy´s daughter Claudia and her husband Marcello.

We soon had been offered glasses of wine and fruit… Carolyne got dragged off by Pedro on a tour of the house including a visit upstairs with Lucy´s mother.

Marcello and I talked for most of the time, in half Spanish and English (I think our respective non-native languages were equally as bad. He ended up offering to take us on a tour of Valparaiso another day.

We took up his offer a few days later, bringing with us a gift of biscuits, and not wanting to see the usual sites, Marcello took us on a tour which included the Cemetery, and the ex-Jail; now a local arts centre. Pedro gave us a present of a book detailing the history of Valparaiso – so thoughtful.

We returned a few days later to say goodbye, and met Claudio´s sister and boyfriend – a sailor in the Chilean navy, who had recently been involved in a car-crash and was confined to a wheel chair.

We promised to keep in touch, our only regret was that we turned down their invitation to an asado (a BBQ) at their house the next day… unfortunately we had to leave for the next town in the morning.

They certainly set the standard in hospitality!!!