Asesino, Bariloche, ArgentinaThe history of the treatment of the indigenous people of the South American countries we have visited so far (Chile, Argentina and Uruguay) has been less than rosey.

The Chileans tried to wipe out the Mapuches but failed for more than 400 years before a peace treaty was finally signed in the 1880’s. The fate of the surviving indegenous people was not good as many died from disease and starvation.

In the 1870’s, the Argentinians, under General Roca (pictured above), sent soldiers to Patagonia where the indigenous people were “causing problems”, and effectively wiped out, or forced the indigenous people to flee to Chile.

Other indigenous people in Tierra del Fuego were wiped out by diseases, or murdered by the farmers trying to establish sheep farms.

In Uruguay, the Charrúa people were eradicated, as a result, the country boasts the distinction of being the only country in Latin America with no indigenous people.