Across the sea

Sabato 23 Ottobre
Across the sea

Tonight, as I stare out at my view from my house, I notice the lights of the Sicilian mainland in the distance on this clear night.

I’m also less than half a mile from the first stable village established on the island in 1622, at ‘val di chiesa’ (valley of the church).

From this position, I can’t help but wonder what the island has seen in the last few hundred years and their relationship to the mainland, and the rest of the world…

What did they see across the sea when Garibaldi gave ‘liberty’ to Sicily in 1860?

How did they feel when their sons and daughters immigrated to America after their economy collapsed in 1890, and returned later, ‘rich’?

Did life change when Mussolini takes power in 1922?

Who took part when Italy declared war on Britain, France and later the USA In 1940-41?

Was the sky lit up when massive air strikes hit Palermo in 1943, and were there cheers when the Allies invaded Sicily?

How many left in a new wave of immigration to New York and Australia in the 50’s?